Gas Credit Cards Vs Airline Cards

No one can dispute the popularity of reward cards. From airline miles to cash back and gas reward credit cards consumers are hooked and credit card providers are finding more and more ways to get ahead of the competition. While they put together attractive packages to draw in more consumers some programs are really worth taking a second and third look. While variety is good some consumers have a hard time choosing a program because there are just too many options. Should you go with a gas card or an airline card in hopes that you will have enough points to earn a trip within one year? Here are the pros and cons of both airline and gas credit cards so that you could make an informed decision.

Airline Credit Cards

Airline credit cards are targeted towards frequent flyers but even those who fly less frequently can use the card to accumulate points for an upcoming trip. With these cards the points are earned for every dollar spent with an opportunity to earn more for purchases made at specific partners and for airline ticket purchases.


  • Frequent flyers can quickly accumulate points to earn free and discounted tickets.

  • Cardholders can cash in their points as soon as they are accumulated.

  • Points can be earned on all purchases with opportunities to increase earnings when purchases are made at affiliate partners or with the purchase of airline tickets.

  • Cardholders who are not frequent flyers can earn rewards without ever having to take a flight.

  • Special privileges while traveling by air, including access to private lounges and more

  • Travel and luggage insurance

  • Discounts at hotels and car rental agencies


  • High interest rates on these types of reward cards can negate the rewards earned

  • Some programs only allow for travel on one specific airline

  • Some programs include blackout dates

  • Annual fees that you do not get a return on if you do not accumulate sufficient points

  • With some programs have expiration dates on their points

  • If you default on payments you will forfeit the points that you have earned

Gas Credit Cards

If you drive a lot and want to save on fuel then gas credit cards is the way to go. With them cardholders earn a percentage back on fuel purchases or get back a dollar value on each gallon purchased. Whether you use a traditional gas card or a gas credit card the savings are real.


  • Save on the high cost of fuel

  • With some programs you can earn points on other types of purchases

  • Use gas credit cards anywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted

  • Develop a monthly budget for fuel

  • Earn other benefits like roadside assistance, car rental insurance and more.


  • High interest rates on gas station credit cards can wipe out any savings earned

  • Temptation to use this line of credit to make unnecessary purchases. This could draw the cardholder into unnecessary debt.

  • Some programs required that the card be used only at a specific chain resulting in limited flexibility.

We recommend you check out the best gas rebate credit card on the market and this airline miles credit card.

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