Advantages of Having Multiple Gas Credit Cards

How many credit cards are enough? There are a lot of consumers who shy away from having too many credit cards. Their reasons for doing so include fear of losing track of the various bills, maxing out the cards and going into debt and fear of being refused credit for an important purchase if creditors see too many lines of available credit on their report. Still there are split feelings when it comes to multiple credit cards with slightly over half of the population holding the belief that having two or more credit cards is important. The bottom line is that consumers should only have as many cards as they can responsibly manage and afford and for consumers who have been diligent with their finances there are many benefits to having multiple gas credit cards.

Financial Security

The financial security that having multiple credit cards provide is the major argument for having multiple credit cards. Credit experts advise consumers to have a credit with no balance stored in a safe place like a security deposit box to use in case of theft, victimization or if the house burns down. This card will provide the necessities until the damaged or stolen cards are replaced.

Multiple gas credit cards are also ideal if one particle card is denied it would be possible to pull out another card that might be accepted. This is particularly useful if traveling abroad or cross country.


Rewards are an exciting part of being in a credit card program and having multiple credit cards increases the fun. If you have a general type gas credit card that gives you savings at any gas station you might quickly realize that the savings to be had will be slightly lower than that offered with brand specific credit cards. Having several brand specific cards mean that you can increase your savings and the rewards that you get when you use the appropriate card for the appropriate situation. Used wisely you will earn more rebates on your fuel purchases plus get extra savings and incentives for purchases made outside the gas station. Always keep in mind that reward cards will have higher interest rates so pay close attention to your balance and pay it off monthly to avoid costly finance charges.

Improve Credit Score

It is a myth that having multiple lines of credit raises suspicion in the minds of creditors. A lot of consumers accept this myth and so avoid having multiple lines of credit. Quite the opposite is true. Lenders always appreciate established and older accounts that show that the consumer has managed the credit extended wisely. Rather than paying attention to the multiple lines of credit the consumer will need to pay attention to the debt to credit limit ration which really shows how much of the available credit is used up.

Higher credit scores arise from low credit utilizations and responsible payment of the accounts. With the recent closing down of credit card accounts by banks many consumers have had their scores affected especially those who possessed only one or two credit card accounts.


With multiple gas credit cards you can always call up your credit card provider and request a lower rate if you have been responsible with the card. You can let them know that you are closing down some accounts and that you are planning to only keep the ones with the best rates. If the provider fails to step up you can always call your bluff and fall back on any one or your other existing cards. With multiple gas credit cards you will have more options when it comes to the card to use in a specific situation.

You can use the card that works best for you including the rewards, interest rates and the service that you receive.

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