Tips To Get The Most Cash Back With Gas Credit Cards

Aside from the price difference in fuel by a few cents there are few things to make one gas station different or better from another. The service, the convenience stores, the payment methods, the condition of the restrooms and the opening hours are pretty much the same or differ very little. This is one reason that gas credit cards programs can be the distinguishing factor that builds consumer loyalty.

If you do decide to join a program here are a few ways you can get the most back with your gas credit card.

Read The Fine Print First

Before you even apply it is important that you read the fine print. Every program has their own particular benefits so read the terms to find out which ones are of most benefit to you. So whether you want 5 cents or 10 cents back on every gallon, to a flat percentage, or rebates at the convenience store and a free car wash every month you need to make sure that your program can deliver what you need.

Value Comes In More Than Just Rebates

Do not depend on the signs at the gas station pumps to tell you how much you can get back. Usually there is more to it that meets the eye so do not choose a program that simply offer the best rebates. Other benefits like roadside assistance, concierge service, car rental insurance and others means cash in your pocket so do not discredit these other valuable benefits. These benefits would probably be more than that what you get with travel clubs at a lesser cost so keep these in mind.

The Right Card At The Right Service Station: Priceless

One service station promises five cents on every gallon while another offers ten cents on every gallon. Would you automatically choose the one offering ten cents? Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on the convenience. How far will you have to go to get the savings at the station with the higher rebate? Make sure that the program that you choose has gas stations that are in close proximity to your home or work. Driving further to save a few extra cents does not make sense and will more than likely be costing you more than you know.

Sometimes Flexibility Beats Loyalty

A number of today's major gas station credit cards are giving consumers the freedom to exchange their points for gift cards that they can use wherever they want to. With bank issued cards you will be able to save where and when you want so that you do not have to worry about purchasing only at one retail chain. Another benefit is that you will be able to accumulate points that much faster since you will be able to earn even on non-gas purchases.

If you are truly loyal to just one brand then by all means go ahead and stick with gas station specific credit cards.

Interest Rates Takes The Prize

It does not matter who you're loyal to or what rewards that you get. If you do not plan to pay off your credit card balance monthly then your first loyalty is to your pocket. Look for a card that offers a nice balance between perfect location, great rewards, extra perks, reasonable savings and low interest rates. Of course it would be almost impossible to find the right match but with some research you will be able to come close.

Choose a card that gives and good interest rate even if it is an introductory rate as long as it does not climb too high after the introductory period. Having a good interest rate on your cards means that your savings won't be lost in high interest payments.

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