10 Ways To Use Less Gas

The high cost of fuel is tugging at the purse strings of consumers and those who are budget conscious are always on the lookout for gas-saving alternatives. While many have traded in their larger vehicles for smaller more economical ones there are some people who do not have that option and so increasing the mileage from their current vehicle is their only option. Below are a few ways to increase your gas mileage and get more bang for your fuel buck.

Schedule Time For Regular Maintenance Tasks

A well-tuned vehicle will consume less gas and will run like a well-oiled machine. Schedule time to take your vehicle in for checkups or time to do it yourself if you can. Check your tires to ensure that they are inflated according to the manufacturer's recommendation because under inflation causes drag and decreases fuel economy. Also check the wheel alignment to ensure that the vehicle rolls straight so that you get maximum gas mileage. Perform routine maintenance on your engine including oil changes and replacing worn out parts. A well-tuned engine will reward you by burning less gas.

Avoid Long Warm-ups

Even when it is cold the vehicle will not require more than a minute or two to be ready to go. Long and unnecessary warm ups only result in burning up the expensive fuel you purchased.

Keep Steady While Driving

Use your head while driving. Sudden stops or fast turns and engine revving will overexert your engine causing it to burn extra fuel. If it is possible decrease your speed because the faster you drive the more gas you will use. Leave your home earlier so that you are not rushing to get to where you are going and pushing on the accelerator to get there. Turn on cruise control on the highway so that you maintain a constant speed.

Keep your left foot off the brake since this pressure could be creating drag that will call for the use of more gas plus it will wear out the brakes a lot sooner.

Plan Your Route

Make an effort to plan out your trip in such a way to avoid unnecessary traffic where you have to drive stop and go. If possible combine your errands into one trip so that you do not have to make several trips to accomplish the things you can do in one. Map out the stops you make so that the trip will be as efficient as possible so that you will save time and of course money.

Use the Right Kind of Gas For Your Vehicle

Check the owner's manual if you're not certain to find out the manufacturer's recommendation for your vehicle. If the manufacturer recommends regular it makes no sense to purchase expensive premium. For most vehicles all that is needed is a good brand of gas that includes one detergent additive to keep the system clean.

Don't Leave The Vehicle Running Unnecessarily

Turn off the vehicle if you're not moving. For instance, if you're stuck in standstill traffic, switch off the vehicle instead of leaving it running unnecessarily for 10 minutes or more. If the line at the drive thru is long avoid it. Park the vehicle and go inside the restaurant, bank, pharmacy or whatever other business you were hoping to get into.

Use Your A/C Less Often

Constant use of the air conditioning will cause you to burn more gas. Turn it off once in a while, especially if it is not unbearably hot outside and use the vents instead. You can also reduce the load on your air conditioning by parking in the shade so that the vehicle does not heat up as much when you're making a short stop. Leaving the windows or sunroof cracked a bit will also help to keep the vehicle from heating up unbearably and reduce the load on the a/c when you resume your trip.

Reduce The Load In The Vehicle

Your gas mileage will go much further if you lighten the load in the vehicle. Remove unnecessary items from the back seat or truck. It's said that every one hundred pounds of extra weight decreases your fuel mileage by three percent so take out the suitcase, golf clubs and other heavy artillery if you don't need them where you're going.

Maintain Good Aerodynamics

If you drive a truck installing a bed cover over the back will help its aerodynamics. Any air flow while you're driving will flow over the cover and off to the back of the truck instead of into the bed where it will push against the tailgate and cause drag that will result in the use of more gas.

Although roof racks are handy for carrying extra stuff, this can also cause drag that will increase your gas consumption. So keep your roof clear whenever possible.

Share The Ride

If you can coordinate a carpool with your coworkers or neighbors you will save hundreds of dollars in fuel costs and do a small part to save the environment while you're at it. Carpoolers have access to less congested highways in a number of cities and this can be a godsend during rush hour traffic. It will even reduce the amount of time it takes to get to and from work. So if you can arrange a carpool for yourself and for your kids you will keep more of your money in your pocket.

Using public transportation if it is reliable in your city is another way to save on gas. Additionally walking or riding a bike for shorted trips will save you money and is a great way to get some exercise in every day.

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