What Is A Gas Station Credit Card?

Gas station credit cards are sometimes referred to as gas rebates cards and provide consumers with rebates on gas purchases. These types of cards are provided by major credit cards companies and by most major fuel companies who give their members an opportunity to save on gas every time that they fill up at the pump. The savings with each fill up might seem small at first but when calculated over the course of one year it really can be a significant savings especially if you fill up a lot.

Types Of Gas Station Credit Cards

There are two types of gas station credit cards. First there is the gas card that is provided by a specific brand of gas station or fuel company. While the majority of these cards now carry a Visa or MasterCard logo there are a few which don't have a logo. Those without the logos are limited to purchases within the station and cash advances in some cases. Gas station credit cards from a specific station which carry the Visa or MasterCard logo allow for purchases at other places. The catch is that card holders will only receive rebates for gasoline purchases made at that gas station.

The rebates are usually a bit higher with gas station specific credit cards sometimes 1-3% higher than other types of gas station credit cards. This can be beneficial if you usually purchase that one specific brand. The disadvantage is that you will not get rebates if you decide to purchase from another brand if their fuel price is lower.

Then there is the second type of gas station credit card which is issued by a credit card provider and is not affiliated with any particular gas station. Card holders who own these types of cards will receive gas rebates on their gasoline purchases no matter where they purchase. Rebates may also be offered on other types of purchases also.

The rebates may be slightly less than those provided by specific gas station credit cards ranging between 3-5% on gas purchases. They might also provide rebates on other purchases like groceries, shopping, car rentals and more but the rebate will be lower falling somewhere between 1-2%.

How Are The Rebates Issued?

Gas station credit card rebates would be provided as a credit on the account statement or delivered as a check in the mail. Some providers might even provide direct deposit of the rebates right into your checking account.

In order to qualify for the best gas station credit cards you must have a good credit rating or else you will have to pay higher interest rates. If you would like to avoid the interest rates altogether you can do so by paying off your account balance before the end of the grace period.

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