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Mobil Gas Station

Mobil was formerly known as the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company before its merger with Exxon in 1999 to form ExxonMobil. Mobil continues to be a well recognized brand within the merged company.

After Standard Oil broke up in 1911 the Standard Oil Company of New York otherwise known as Socony was established. Years later in the year 1920 the company registered its trademark name Mobiloil.

A merger took place in 1931 when Socony merged with Vacuum Oil to form Socony-Vaccum and another merger took place in 1933 when Jersey Standard formed a 50-50 joint venture with the group. The company was called Standard-Vacuum Oil Co or Stanvac and at this time they had operations in 50 countries.

Socony-Vacuum was renamed the Socony Mobil Oil Company in 1955 and the trade name was changed from Mobilgas to Mobil in 1963. This change brought about a rebranding with a new logo. Ten years later in celebration of its 100th anniversary Socony was dropped from the corporate name.

Over the years Mobil earned the largest sales in gasoline and motor oils within the United States. During this time the company sold products like Metro, Mobilgas and Mobilgas Special gasolines; Mobilfuel Diesel, Mobil-flame heating oil, Mobil Kerosine, Lubrite, Gargoyle, Mobiloil and Mobiloil Special motor oils; Mobilgrease, Mobillubrication, Mobil Upperlube, Mobil Freezone and Permazone antifreezes, Mobilfluid automatic transmission fluid, Mobil Premiere tires, Mobil Stop-Leak, Mobil Lustrecloth, among many others.

In response to a new brand of automobiles with high-compression engines which called for higher octane gasoline Mobil released a much improved Mobilgas Special in 1954. Later in 1962 the product lines that were marketed as Mobilgas and Mobilgas Special became Mobil Regular and Mobil Premium in order to complement the new shortened Mobil brand name. These brands were then marketed as Detergent Gasoline since additives were included to clean carburetors and other internal parts in the engine. Consumers could use this brand as a form of preventive maintenance that would reduce the need for costly repairs later on.

In 1998, Mobil and Exxon formed a merger to form the ExxonMobil group. The merger was completed in late 1999. Even with the merger Mobil still exists as a major brand name today. Mobil includes three main brands:


This is the major brand which includes the Mobil service stations and fuel (gasoline, diesel, heating oil, kerosene, aviation fuel and marine fuel) divisions. It also includes the wide variety of lubricants that can be found on the market today.

Mobil 1

This replaced the Mobiloil brand and is the brand name of ExxonMobil. This brand includes multi-grade motor oils, oil filters, synthetic grease, transmission fluids and gear lubricants.

Mobil Delvac

This includes a variety of heavy-duty lubricants.

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